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Things To Do Before I Die

Keep A Journal For 365 Days Straight

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11 December
My name is Lauren. I was born in December. My eyes are grey-blue. I'm blonde, but I change my hair alot. I'm 19. I'm a vegetarian. My favourite colours are black and red. My favourite number is 13. I love music, especially punk rock. I have a cat named Mac. I have a bright red wall in my bedroom. I love Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, J.K.Rowling and Michael Moore books. My favourite store is Real Groovy. My favourite TV shows are Boston Public, Ed, The OC, Buffy and Gilmore Girls. I'm scared of being abducted by aliens. I'm addicted to Coca-cola. I have a tattoo in Japanese on my lower back. I work at The Body Shop. I don't have my driver's license. I rarely get bored because I have a very active imagination. I have a very selective memory. I'm very easy-going. I laugh a lot. People think I'm strange. I take it as a compliment. I love going to concerts. I especially love being front row. I don't listen to the radio. I am slowly replacing all my burnt albums for the real thing. I like to sleep in. I love t-shirts. I'm a Philosophy, Politics and History student. I like X-Men. I'm not so secretly obsessed with Lizzie McGuire. I still like Hanson. I plan to write a book.

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